Claimant’s application for termination of enforcement proceedings before satisfaction of the claim

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Tartu bailiff
Oksana Kuchmei
Ülikooli 2 (5th floor), Tartu 51003
for termination of enforcement proceedings

I hereby request termination of the enforcement proceedings prior to the full satisfaction of the claim and pursuant to the provisions of subsection 48 (1) of the Code of Enforcement Procedure, I ask the bailiff to terminate the enforcement proceedings commenced
on the basis of the above, immediately release the debtor’s property from seizure and return the enforcement instrument.
I know that the balance of the debt as of the submission of the application amounts to
I am aware that pursuant to subsection 41 (2) of the Bailiffs Act I am obligated to pay the bailiff’s fee for commencement of proceedings and one-half of the basic fee of proceedings on the uncollected amount. Please send the decision and invoice concerning the bailiff’s fee to the address:
I confirm that the submitted data are correct.
applicant’s first name and surname, signature or digital signature date
Legal basis: subsection 48 (1), § 49 of the Code of Enforcement Procedure, § 41 of the Bailiffs Act.
The bailiff terminates the enforcement proceedings on the basis of an application of a claimant. In the event of a termination of enforcement proceedings, the bailiff will immediately release the property from seizure and submit an application to the registrar for deletion of the notation on prohibition unless a ruling on securing an action is being enforced. The enforcement instrument will be returned to the claimant. The termination of enforcement proceedings does not restrict the claimant’s right to contact a bailiff again if the claim arising from the enforcement instrument has actually not been complied with. The claimant may not seek the assistance of a bailiff again if they have waived the claim in writing.

If a claimant applies for termination of an enforcement procedure before the full collection of the claim by a bailiff and the bailiff has carried out procedural actions for collecting the claim, the claimant will pay the fee for commencement of the procedure and a half of the basic fee for the procedure, taking into account the amount not collected.